Inductive Proximity Sensors for Special Applications

Users of inductive proximity sensors can select from a vast array of standard types to solve almost any general purpose sensing application. Unfortunately not all industrial sensing applications fall into the general-purpose category. Many applications have unique requirements such as the need to function in extreme hot or cold temperatures; the ability to withstand repeated physical impact with minimal damage; the necessity to be impervious to food industry cleaning agents and high pressure wash-down procedures; and in some applications survive in an aggressive welding environment.

What if the available mounting area is confined and even the smallest general purpose sensors are still too large? What if the machine being monitored is a vital piece of equipment where unexpected down-time is unacceptable? All of these are legitimate requirements in the industrial environment and specialized inductive proximity sensors exist to meet these unique needs. Each special application will be explored further and the available sensor solutions will be discussed.

In the whitepaper you will find out more about:
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • Impact Tolerance
  • High-Pressure Washdown
  • Welding Environments
  • Extremely Compact Physical Size
  • Reliable Diagnostics

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