Machine Vision Trends in Industrial Automation: Faster, Smarter, Smaller
One of the biggest uses of factory automation is in handling machine vision. It is being used to control smart sensors, smart cameras, vision controllers, and vision systems. As a result, quality control engineers are struggling with an excessive number of software programs to support every machine. These technologies were invented at different times for different initial projects. These days, borders between technologies are getting smaller and smaller, even overlapping. Vendors are delivering more intuitive user interfaces, but the biggest gain will be seen in unification of individual software systems into universal platforms. This will ensure more operational comfort for users. This means time savings in learning new machine vision components, but it also provides a huge benefit in financial savings from fewer shutdowns or production interruptions due to service.

This article focuses on advances in smart vision software, bin picking, image sensor technology, camera and camera connectivity technology, and embedded vision.
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