This document identifies key issues experienced by manufacturers of medical/biotechnology equipment regarding handling and detection of liquids with capacitive proximity sensors in particular. It examines concrete sensing/monitoring methods that will improve processes while guaranteeing reliable and dependable noninvasive liquid level detection.

Challenging areas of liquid level detection and monitoring in medical, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical applications today are as follows:

  MIN-Level indication in ampules and vials

  -  Non-invasive detection regardless of color or changing liquid composition

  Overflow protection of liquid waste reservoirs and container
  - Disposable and interchangeable containers require non-invasive sensing methodology

  Level monitoring of chemical or cleaning agent supply container

  - Assuring that an operator receives timely warning before the supply ends

  Liquid monitoring of blood and other bodily fluids in vacuum collection instruments

  - Prevents overflow and protects vacuum pumps from contamination

  Leakage monitoring and alarm response

  - Detection of liquid contamination in the instrument

Sensor operation monitoring

  - Make your sensors fail-safe by knowing their actual state of operation and monitor proper functionality in real time

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Medical Liquid-Level Applications with Enhanced Capacitive Sensor Technology

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